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Cirque AmongUs Returns for Maker Faire 2015

Cirque AmongUs will be back for the 5th consecutive Maker Faire Fort Wayne so hone up on your circus performance skills and come show off at the Faire! Thanks to Advanced Systems Group (a division of Shambaugh) for sponsoring this really fun attraction.

You may remember Sem Abrahams, Guinness Record holder for the world's tallest unicycle ride at an unbelievable 110 feet!?! We've asked him to return with his crazy monocycle, the one-wheeled, motorized "vehicle" this writer considers close to being a deathtrap.

Cirque AmongUs offers hands-on programs designed to build self-esteem, develop motor skills, and promote teamwork through fun and unforgettable ways - and they do.

Come to Maker Faire to learn fundamentals of circus arts - juggling, movement and balance - in a safe, fun-filled, and educational environment. Walk a tightrope, see if you can flip on o-rings or have fun riding a variety of custom wheeled cycles (for lack of a better word) Sem and his family have dreamed up and built.