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Have There Really Been 8 Community Chain Reactions?

Families with children of all ages participated in TekVenture's 8th Annual Chain Reaction Challenge on July 18. TekVenture in partnership with the Downtown Allen County Public Library (ACPL), celebrated Rube Goldberg and all things made of funky contraptions. What a fun day for the kids.

This markes the 8th time teams have come together to build machines or "links" in a true "community chain reaction." The chain reaction starts with a golf ball rolling down a ramp which triggers the first machine and ends with a golf ball rolling down a ramp to trigger the next machine and so on.

Last year, the ACPL Children's Services Team stepped up to a bigger role in planning the event. They along with fabulous TekVenture volunteers such as Aaron Makin, Sara Harper, Casey Drudge, Leanne Mensing and others, decided to partner with Three Rivers Festival to bring families and young children a unique opportunity to pit themselves against their own imaginations. Thanks to Kelley Box & Packaging for providing the stockpile of materials teams got to choose from for making their links in the chain.