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TekVenture is Relocating to New Location at Fort Wayne's River City

TekVenture is in the final stages of moving to its new larger facility in the former River City Night Club, east of the intersection of Coombs and Tecumseh streets, just east of downtown, at 1550 Griffin St, next to the volleyball courts.  It will open April 1, 2017, hosting a joint ARCH*TEK Preservation Expo with ARCH, the local historic preservation group.  The new facility will provide a much expanded area of 13,000 square feet, compared to its previous location which provided 4,500 square feet at the old vacuum cleaner shop on Broadway, next to the old General Electric facilities.


The new location will provide space for significant additional capabilites, including a new ceramics shop, expo/meeting space with a stage, along with much expanded space for the metal working, wood working, and electronics/robotics.  The new "clean space" will provide expanded area for 3D printing, 3D scanning, egg printing, sewing, and smaller meetings.  

The new expo/meeting space will allow TekVenture to host expos along with the potential of meeting space for other organizations.


 TekVenture is made up of many shops, workspaces, meeting spaces and show places.


 The HOTSHOP is set up for welding with MIG, Arc, and Oxyacetylene.  Weldging to be experienced by Women & everyone!  Learn blacksmithing arts with forge.  Mold your broken part and pour hot Aluminum!  Other tools include press, benders stake table and Pexto.


Access band saw, table saw, radial saw, joiner, drill press, 2 wood lathes, shaper, jig saws, mortising press, picture frame miter cutter, many hand and power hand tools, and CNC router table.


Get your hands on clay and engage the are and science of Ceramics.  Hand build or use the foot-powered or electric potters wheels, slab roller, kilns, and experience with glazes.  Special access for qualified persons with disabilities.




Learn to machine metal!  Make your parts on 4 Mills, (2 CNC,) , Drill presses, 3 lathes, Marvel metal band saw, Grinders, Shaper, Presses, Injection molder, comparator, hand tools, tooling and mentors.


Design your widget on computers using CAD (computer aided design). Use 3D printers and full-body scanner,  EggBot® digital drawing,  Vacuum forming, sew leather on an industrial sewing machine or make graphic buttons.