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Vintage Vacuum Exhibit coming to TekVenture


The TekVenture/Skaggs Vintage Vacuum Pop Up Museum featuring a variety of over 150 vacuum sweepers from the late 1800's to late 1900's, runs April 14 to 29, during TekVenture’s normal hours of 1pm to 8pmWednesday through Sunday. The last weekend at 3pm Saturday and Sunday, "Invasion of the Vacuums of Outer Space" will be performed by Ecstatic Theatrics. TekVenture is at 1550 Griffin St., in the old River City Complex. FREE. Questions? Call project leader Jeannette Jaquish at 260 750-9013

This Vintage Vacuum Cleaner Collection, was assembled by the late Dale Skaggs Sr. (12-29-1944 to 5-7-2013 ) who owned the former Allen County Sweeper Company located at 1800 Broadway Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana, TekVenture's previous location. 
Admission to see the collection is free. 
This pop up museum will show over 150 vintage vacuum cleaners displaying the evolution of styles and mechanisms dating back to 1900 and some are likely very late 1800's through the later 1900's.  The most primitive are human powered 4 foot long metal syringes that the user must pull the plunger of, and industrial grade wood and sheet metal, lever operated enclosed propellers mounted on platforms. There are long canisters and hammer head uprights, riding on tiny wheels or sled runners, round and cute or stocky cylinders, classically ornate or stylishly mod. Many look like space ships and alien weapons, or characters like R2D2 from science fiction movies, spawning plans among the TekVenture members to create alien themed events during the exhibit, such as an “alien autopsy” exploring the inner mechanisms of a vacuum cleaner, and a live play of “Invasion of the Vacuums of Outer Space” the final weekend. To join the cast, contact Jeannette Jaquish at 260 750-9013 or .

TekVenture members Greg Jacobs and Betsy Gemmer, obviously infected by the alien mind worm, obediently assist the Vacuums of Outer Space to invade TekVenture.

What planet do these hammer-headed seemingly peaceful aliens come from?

Adorably round and orange. When did they land? No one can remember. That whole morning is a blur.

One of the Ancient Ones, dispensing wisdom to the younger more powerful vacuum cleaners, while condemning their new fangled addiction to electricity.


The pods have burst and TekVenture is infested with vintage vacuums, needing nurturing.