TekVenture Memberships

Subscribe now and be part of building a new TekVenture facility in Downtown Fort Wayne!

There is a $5 per month discount for signing up for recurring billing. You can get the same reduced rate if paying in person for 6 months at a time.

Recurring payments are processed through the PayPal website to keep financial information private. You will need to set up a PayPal account so that you have control over canceling your subscription if you so chose. We do not receive any personal information other than the name of the person signing up.

Each membership allows you to bring up to 2 guests with you to the Makerspace at anytime. Guests are not allowed to use tools or machinery, but may come along to check out the Makerspace or just hang out with you while you work. Guests must sign in and sign a waiver.

After joining, on your first visit check in with the volunteer in charge and tell him or her that you are a new member.  That person should have you sign our indemnification document before you begin working.

Individual Membership

During TekVenture hours or by appointment.*

$35 per month - Individual Membership (Paid in person.)      

$30 per month - Recurring Individual Membership



Family Membership

Access for 2 adults and 3 children during stated or scheduled access hours or by appointment.*

$50 per month - Family Membership (Paid in person.)

$45 per month - Recurring Family Membership



Student Membership

During stated or scheduled access hours or by appointment.*

$25 per month - Student Membership (Paid in person.)

$20 per month - Reucurring Student Membership


All memberships include non-instructional introduction to tools and machines; 20% discount on workshop fees, welcome at all Maker MeetUps, and maintains your name in our email database for one year.

All members and guests are required to sign a waiver.

Youth members under 18 may access the facility only when an approved adult member or staff are present.

*Access by members at times other than set standard hours can be easily arranged by appointment.


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