The First Stop on Your Rapid Prototyping Trip!

The former locations on Broadway (the vacuum cleaner shop) and the Maker Station (across the street from the Allen County Main Library) are no longer open


ALSO: Visit our friends at the MAKERLABS at Allen County Public Library Downtown and Georgetown branches! More info at:


TekVenture's Maker Station For Sale


For the last four years our 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation has operated our TekVenture Maker Station in cooperation with the Allen County Public Library in downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. We pioneered their Maker Labs by example and were among the first few "maker spaces" associated with, or in, libraries in the US.

The triple axel trailer measures 10 ft. wide by 50 ft. long. It is equipped with complete electric handicapped access lift, two 44 inch wide doors and two modular stair sets. Workbenches and shelving are secured in place. (Tools not included.) There is a closet at the rear end. The trailer has an excellent heat pump/AC unit and can operate year round. A 200 amp single phase electrical drop or generator is required. Trailer is fully transportable by professional mobile home hauler.

Please advise of your interest. I would be pleased to have a discussion with you and answer any questions you might have at your earliest convenience.


Chris Knipstein, President

Tekventure Incoprorated                                                                                  
















2nd Annual TekVenture

Garage Sale



Saturday 30 May 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

1800 Broadway @ Swinney,

Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana

Many treasurers and artifacts still emerge from the former Allen county Sweeper Company! find the bargains and help TekVenture clean house and finance operations!

Get Scanned!

Win a 3D printed Selfie from your scan!

During the sale, check out our 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Center where for $25 you can be scanned for a later 3D print of your head! Surprise your boss, kid, mate or yourself!

For more information:



call Greg 260.432.1095


Following our four year partnership with the Allen County Public Library, TekVenture has opened its own building at 1800 Broadway at Swinney Streets just South of the old GE complex. Resulting from our partnership, the Allen County Public Library has opened its own MakerLabs located in the Downtown and Georgetown libraries. Visit the MakerLabs at the ACPL and TekVenture for a variety of "Maker" opportunities!


The TekVenture Spring Renaissance Workshops are now ongoing thru May 30.

Go to the workshops pull down menu for a list.


The TekVenture Maker Station is For Sale!

See interior photos at the bottom of this page. Call 260.402.7328 for specifications ad price.

The Maker Station with the Downtown Library in the Background.

Most workshops take place at 1800 Broadway in TekVenture's new building (the former Allen County Sweeper Company building with the big marquee,) which features a number of hand, power, electronics and computer-controlled tools.

Hours Open to the Public*:

Wednesday: 7 - 9 PM

Thursday:    7 PM - ?* (Maker MeetUp)

Saturday:     9 - 4 PM*

All other days by appointment. Please call  260.432.1095 for scheduling.

*  Subject to staff/volunteer availability and public need.

Maker Meet Ups* Thurs   7 PM - whenever the last person leaves the building!

Weekly TekVenture Maker Station members meet to work on projects, learn new tools and talk shop. Interested in membership? Here's your chance to meet the Makers and consider joining.

Volunteers needed at 1800 Broadway @ Swinney

 (former American Sweeper Company building.)  

Call 260.402.7328 for volunteer information and scheduling.

Makers are folks who have good ideas or necessities mothering inventions in their heads. Makers need to make prototypes, gadgets, specialty tools, electronic devices, images or kinetic art. Makers hunger to assemble things from things they disassemble.

The dawning of the Age of Digital has lead to the development of new, low-cost tools for making things. Tools like laser cutters, multi-axis routers, vinyl cutters, ultrasonic welders, digital audio and video editors, digital sewing and embroidering machines, and CNC milling stations among others. All of them could fit into your living room (well, most of them, anyway.) Meet them as they become available at TEKVENTURE!

*  Programs/demonstrations at the Maker Station depend on availability of tools, machines, and staff to demonstrate/operate them.

 Access" means approval to use tools, hand, digital and power equipment, and to use space for instruction, designing, making, prototyping and assembly.

With the exception of pre-scheduled events with the Allen County Public Library, TekVenture Maker Station members will have priority access to the Maker Station.

The General Public is welcome to visit and observe at posted open hours.  The Public may not use machines or access tools without first becoming a member of the Maker Station followed by instruction and approval by TekVenture Maker Station Staff.

Kids 6 - 12 must be accompanied by adult/mentor.

Commercial access and fabrication time is welcome subject to negotiation depending on time needed, nature of project and availability of staff and tools. Contact Greg at 260.432.1095 or gregj@tekventure.org.



Interior views of old Maker Station now closed and available for sale (without the tools but with the furniture.)

Steve working on the CNC Milling Machine and Metal Lathe.

Chris working on our Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer.

The mighty Egg-Bot!
A closer view of the CNC Milling machine.Our DIY CNC Router.