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Full day workshops include a 1 hr. Lunch Break (but not lunch).

Thanks to EMPLOYEES of General Motors Corporation for funding TekVenture's ElectroWorx maker space.

Advanced registration is required for all Summer Sparks Workshops on-line at www.tekventure.org  

 Recommended age-levels for all workshops: 12 years through adult.

*Some Workshops are partially Scout Badge Compatible. Each Scout badge has a list of requirements that must be met before the badge can be awarded. TekVenture Summer Sparks Workshops can only address some of those requirements. A list of the Scout badge requirements matching some of the Summer Sparks Workshops may be found at:


If you like what you learned in TekVenture’s Summer Sparks workshops, plan to return to TekVenture in the Fall for more in-depth Scout Badge Workshops. Check the TekVenture website and with your Boy and/or Girl Scout leaders for more details as they develop.

Consider scheduling one or more badge workshops for your troop at TekVenture in the Fall-Winter 2019-2020.


Questions: email Greg Jacobs, Facilitator at gregj@tekventure.org or Eric Johnston, TekVenture Office Manager e.johnston@pobox.com.






Saturday, May 26th, 2018 at 10 a.m., Clay Artist Tom Sherbondy will be having a pit fire session.  He will have pieces ready for you to wrap for pit firing and will cost $10 each.  Or you may bring your own pieces and add them to the fire for $3 each.  

It will take about four hours to build the fire and get it hot enough to place the items in.  Items will remain in the barrels overnight and you can come after noon on Sunday to pick up your piece.

Additionally, Tom offers classes for $25 per session.


April, 2017 Pottery Free Throw  ClayWorx is a new ceramics workshop featured in TekVenture's new location at 1550 Griffin Street in the area of River City.  Ceramicist Tom Sherbondy is working to build on his legacy in establishing at TekVenture a fully functional ceramics workshop accessible to the public.  "CLAYWORX" is being equipped with electric and manual pottery wheels, kilns, wedging table, slab roller, glazing area, work tables and other tools for use by all who wish to create with clay.  An adjacent "gallery" is planned for display of ClayWorx artworks.

TekVenture members will be able to use the ClayWorx facilities almost daily. Those wanting instruction will be able to choose from a number of introductory and advanced workshop sessions currently being planned. Artists and other geeks are encouraged to join TekVenture for repeated use of ClayWorx and other facilities.

To introduce the public to ClayWorx, during the Month of April, Tom is inviting all who are interested to sign up for a three session "Pottery Free Throw" at TekVenture. For no charge or membership requirement, folks can make a clay object either by hand-building or using the wheel before firing their objects in the kiln. At the second session, participants will glaze their object for re-firing. At the third session they may collect their piece and receive constructive criticism and inspiration for further commitment. Participants are encouraged to wear old clothing and bring a towel for cleaning their workspace and tools.

Pottery Free Throw sessions can include up to four people in each group of three sessions. Friends and Family members are encouraged to sign up. Home Schoolers, Veterans, clubs, artists and past members of TekVenture are also invited to sign up. All ages are welcome!

Pottery Free Throw sessions of two hours can be scheduled Monday - Friday 10 am - Noon, 2 pm - 4 pm and 6 pm - 8 pm, and Saturday mornings 10 am - Noon.

For reservations call Tom at 260.580.1964.