Maker Faire Still Seeking Volunteers

Friends of TekVenture it is nearly that time again - the Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire is just a few days away but there's still time to register to volunteer! An event of this size takes many, many hands to ensure a good experience for all attendees and we need your help.


We still have a few slots open for welders and a variety of shifts for help at the front gate, Maker Shed/Raffle, Bike Valet and more.

Register as a volunteer now to get in free AND receive a Tshirt for a few hours of your time. 


Have There Really Been 8 Community Chain Reactions?

Families with children of all ages participated in TekVenture's 8th Annual Chain Reaction Challenge on July 18. TekVenture in partnership with the Downtown Allen County Public Library (ACPL), celebrated Rube Goldberg and all things made of funky contraptions. What a fun day for the kids.

This markes the 8th time teams have come together to build machines or "links" in a true "community chain reaction." The chain reaction starts with a golf ball rolling down a ramp which triggers the first machine and ends with a golf ball rolling down a ramp to trigger the next machine and so on.

Last year, the ACPL Children's Services Team stepped up to a bigger role in planning the event. They along with fabulous TekVenture volunteers such as Aaron Makin, Sara Harper, Casey Drudge, Leanne Mensing and others, decided to partner with Three Rivers Festival to bring families and young children a unique opportunity to pit themselves against their own imaginations. Thanks to Kelley Box & Packaging for providing the stockpile of materials teams got to choose from for making their links in the chain.



Cirque AmongUs Returns for Maker Faire 2015

Cirque AmongUs will be back for the 5th consecutive Maker Faire Fort Wayne so hone up on your circus performance skills and come show off at the Faire! Thanks to Advanced Systems Group (a division of Shambaugh) for sponsoring this really fun attraction.

You may remember Sem Abrahams, Guinness Record holder for the world's tallest unicycle ride at an unbelievable 110 feet!?! We've asked him to return with his crazy monocycle, the one-wheeled, motorized "vehicle" this writer considers close to being a deathtrap.

Cirque AmongUs offers hands-on programs designed to build self-esteem, develop motor skills, and promote teamwork through fun and unforgettable ways - and they do.

Come to Maker Faire to learn fundamentals of circus arts - juggling, movement and balance - in a safe, fun-filled, and educational environment. Walk a tightrope, see if you can flip on o-rings or have fun riding a variety of custom wheeled cycles (for lack of a better word) Sem and his family have dreamed up and built.


Deadline for Maker Faire Fort Wayne Midnight Tonight

In cooperation with Maker Media, Inc., TekVenture is hosting the 5th Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire and we're looking for people to show off their interesting projects. 

Many have signed up but we want you. Our goal for exhibits is 1 of everything and 5 of nothing. Registration closes at midnight tonight. To register or learn more


8th Annual Chain Reaction Challenge!

Mark your calendars and assemble your teams for GRAVITY WORKS! the 8th annual Chain Reaciton Challenge co-sponsored by TekVenture, the Allen County Public Library and Kelly Box & Packaging Company!

Saturday 18th July from 9 AM to Noon in Meeting rooms A, B, & C at the Downtown Public Library.

This event is for younger tinkerers from K- 5 ages.  Materials are povided but you may bring your own. Visit our link  for more information!


2nd Annual TekVenture

Garage Sale



Saturday 30 May 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

1800 Broadway @ Swinney,

Downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana

Many treasurers and artifacts still emerge from the former Allen county Sweeper Company! find the bargains and help TekVenture clean house and finance operations!

Get Scanned!

Win a 3D printed Selfie from your scan!

During the sale, check out our 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping Center where for $25 you can be scanned for a later 3D print of your head! Surprise your boss, kid, mate or yourself!


Now Accepting Registrations for Maker Faire 2015!

The 2015 Fort Wayne Regional Maker Faire is just around the corner! Scheduled August 8 & 9, at Headwaters Park East  Lincoln Pavilion, TekVenture is looking for Makers who want to share their projects with each other and the public.

Maker Faire is like no other event in that guests participate in experiential learning such as how to weld or solder while learning how Makers of the region and beyond go about turning their ideas into reality. Who knows which idea will change the world. Maybe you'll find that you're a Maker too!

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for event updates. We're currently looking for attraction ideas such as unique project built by local Makers, fun art cars, or quirky things in which the public might be interested. There will also be projects to build so register as a Maker now or visit us at the Maker Faire to see what new skills you might learn.



Learn about Arduino's, Raspberry Pi's, Rotational Casting, Electricity and DC Motor Control, Electronic Fashions, Electric Car-building, Handtools, 3D Scanning and more at workshops !


TekVenture Open House

Friday, March 13 - 5-8pm
1800 Broadway, Fort Wayne, Indiana

(Tours include dirty work areas - close-toed shoes encouraged)

We are excited to announce TekVenture now has a building and will soon open Phase I of Fort Wayne's only full-service public art and technology lab & workshop. The new space is located at 1800 Broadway in the former Allen County Sweeper Co. immediately south of the General Electric complex. With this location, TekVenture is pleased to be part of the Broadway Corridor Revival.
We invite those who have engaged with and supported TekVenture over the years to join us for tours of the space and to see results of your volunteer time and donated equipment, materials and funds.
Exterior work on the building was completed late fall resulting from a City of Fort Wayne 2014 Commercial Façade Grant. Throughout that process TekVenture Makers and Volunteers have been working to clean out the building while bringing the former retail space to code. After months of hard and dirty work, we are excited to begin operation in the new location while building out additional phases of our project.
The TekVenture Rapid Prototyping Center is dedicated to providing tools for designing and fabricating models of all sorts. It offers digital tools for design; imaging; audio/visual media; CAD/CAM; 2D and 3D scanning and printing; vacuum-forming; laser engraving and cutting; sewing, and digital drawing.
Much like a gym, TekVenture is a member-based organization offering access to a huge variety of tools and materials. As importantly, TekVenture is a place where people go for fellowship with other like-minded creative people whether making art, technology or other projects or prototypes. 24/7 access to Maker Members is our goal.

The general public also has access via unique hands-on workshops, demonstrations, community building projects and events. 
Now that Phase I will soon open, attention will turn to securing specific tools while building out additional labs such as the TekVenture Robot Factory, Hot Shop, Machining Center, Woodworking Shop and TekGarage (including a hydraulic car lift.)



It's Maker Faire Time!

It's true! The Fort Wayne Regiona Maker Faire - Powered by TekVenture is now taking registrations.

MakerFaireFortWayne.comThis is our 4th year for the event scheduled Sept. 13 & 14 at beautiful Headwaters Park - Lincoln Pavilion.

If you like to tinker, craft, build, think, or play and you want to share your cool projects with the public, just complete the Call for Makers

This event is unique in that Makers are asked to make at the event, have some interactive component or at the very least share tools, tips, and techniques used in their projects.